Famed Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA, Home of the First Movie Premiere Celebrates 90th Anniversary

HOLLYWOOD, CA — The historic Egyptian Theatre, located on Hollywood Blvd along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has a storied 90 year history of hosting movie premieres, showcasing iconic Hollywood events and catering to the movie stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age as well as today’s film stars and film makers.

The Egyptian Theatre is the home of the world’s first movie premiere, “Robin Hood” starring Douglas Fairbanks in 1922. The Egyptian established the archetype for movie premieres used for the last nine decades.

The American Cinematheque, an acclaimed arts organization dedicated to film’s global influence as an art form, purchased The Egyptian from the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency for $1 dollar, after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake did substantial damage to the theatre.

After a multiyear and more than 12 million dollar restoration and preservation effort, The Egyptian reopened in 1998 as the permanent home of The American Cinematheque. 

Barbara Smith, The Cinematheque Executive Director and co-founder, and Henry Shields, The President of The Cinematheque Board of Directors, were integral in the redevelopment and preservation efforts, which received numerous awards, including a National Trust for Historic Preservation Award.

The main theatre accommodates 616 patrons and is named after Los Angeles philanthropist Lloyd E. Rigler. The smaller, 77-seat theatre is named for Hollywood producer/director Steven Spielberg.

The Egyptian now hosts a new generation of red carpet events, film programs and special events for both Cinematheque members and the general public, that draw diverse crowds within the local community, the entertainment industry and cinephiles from around the world.

The theatre is a part of the fabric of the history of film and entertainment, giving visitors and a new generation of film lovers a unique opportunity to enjoy the movie going experience in an historic setting with state of the art projection and sound equipment.

The official celebration of The Egyptian’s 90th Anniversary will be held at the theatre on October 20th, 2012.

“In addition to our acclaimed film programs, The Egyptian Theatre’s re-opening and successful operation have played an integral role in the revitalization of Hollywood and the area’s renewal as a vibrant arts, residential, restaurant and entertainment community,” comments Mary Anne Keshen, Cinematheque Board member.

“The American Cinematheque’s preservation and reopening of The Egyptian has been widely credited by both business leaders and LA City officials as spurring the renaissance of Hollywood’s redevelopment as a vibrant neighborhood and revitalized visitor destination, demonstrating the significant impact that cultural arts organizations play in sustaining and enhancing local communities,” explains Ms. Keshen.

The Egyptian Theatre and The Cinematheque’s West Los Angeles theatre, The Aero Theatre on Montana Ave, located in the heart of Santa Monica, are both centerpieces of their local communities and enhance the area’s retail, shopping and visitor base.

The legacy of the Egyptian Theatre and its storied history will continue to endure as an entertainment destination for local Angelenos and tourists alike, furthering the renaissance in community redevelopment and quality arts programming for a vast audience.

For more information about The Egyptian Theatre or the 90th anniversary celebration, go to www.americancinematheque.com


Kristin Wu

in Anne Keshen’s Office

Cinematheque Board of Directors

(310) 859-4633



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