About Us

Protecting the Interests of Owners-FDIC-Investors-Lenders

RTA’s principals and advisory board members have industry recognized legal, operating and asset management experience in working with commercial and residential assets as well as loan portfolios.

Each RTA principal is an attorney coupled with vast business experience in finance, asset management & deal making, government relations, value creation combined with a comprehensive understanding of the legal, financial and operating considerations that drive cost & time effective decision making, asset recovery and value creation.

Informed Decisions are made on behalf of assets owned or managed, drawing upon decades of experience:

-Informed decision making

– Developing strategies for the implementation of cost and time effective legal, business and operating strategies to protect owners, lenders and investors.

-Asset Recovery, Value Creation, Risk Management, Turn Around strategies

-Municipality and government interface, leasing, asset disposition, marketing

-Negotiating/closing restructuring initiatives, capital formation

– Interpreting legal, loan and entity documents, as well as CCR’s, HOA documents, leases, contracts, land use and entitlements with a view to value preservation, exit strategies and risk management.

– Bankruptcy, receiverships, foreclosures, dispute resolution, litigation oversight, risk management

-Redevelopment expertise, construction management

-Servicing capabilities

RTA is both an owner and a fiduciary on behalf of commercial and residential assets and non-performing loan portfolios.

RTA has a track record in addressing the combined legal, financial, and operating issues that directly affect asset owners, lenders, investors and their returns on investments, liability management and asset preservation.

– Ventured with Big 4 Accounting Firms to resolve Florida Bank portfolios
– Nationally Recognized MWOB
– Ventured with Texas based financial institution to oversee asset portfolio and work out of loans and assets
– Conducted due diligence and portfolio sale of Goldome Savings Bank’s mulit-billion dollar portfolio in conjunction with the former Coopers & Lybrand (now Price Waterhouse Coopers)
-Ventured with West Coast Asset Management Company to direct the legal oversight and asset sales of Eureka Federal Savings Bank

The company performed several of the more complex asset oversight engagements on behalf of the FDIC and the former RTC between 1991-1994.

RTA has ventured with the former Big 6 accounting firms, national asset management groups and institutional capital to address larger portfolio acquisitions, asset recovery and turn around strategies and direct/perform the combined legal, financial, market and operating objectives with a view to cost effective outcomes, mindful of asset preservation.



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