Edward Monroe

Construction & Development Manager

Edward Monroe has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry performing project management, design development, entitlements, budgeting and project coordination.

He has worked with TKH on its projects in both Northern & Southern, CA, and has also been closely involved in evaluating new acquisitions, podium projects and successfully dealing with development, construction and tenant criteria to achieve results that surpass expectations.

His retail experience includes all types of retail centers throughout California, including Santee Trolley Square (440,000 SF), Anaheim Hills Festival (480,000 SF), Santa Rosa Marketplace (82,000 SF) and Del Mar Highlands (140,000 SF).

Mr. Monroe has worked with all aspects of the construction, design and build out issues of a broad range of retailers, including Target, Home Depot, CompUSA, Safeway, Bank of America, Walmart, Borders, Home Base, Ralphs, Sportsmart, Cost Plus, Longs Drugs, Von’s, Mervyns and numerous other tenants in virtually every retail category.

Mr. Monroe holds degrees in Architecture and Engineering from California Polytech University, Federal Contract Administration from USC in Los Angeles and is licensed by the State of California.”


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